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Work Experiences:


  •  2006- 2012, Mahabghodss consulting engineers, Evironmental expert in  EIA studies , Water quality  and pollution studies, Surface water quality modeling, Eutrophication management
  •  2002- 2006, Lecturer  in Azad University of Najafabad, Esfahan, Iran, Teaching Courses: Water Chemistry & Microbiology,  Water and wastewater treatment physical chemical processes, Water& wastewater treatment plant design
  •  2001- 2006, Designer & Project Manager of  Municipal Wastewater Treatment Projects  “Water & Wastewater Consulting Engineers (WWCE) Co. ”, Esfahan , Worked in the projects of Mehran,  Ardestan, Golpayegan, Khoram abad, Zahedan, Ramhormoz, Chabahar, Yazd (one million person capacity) NajafAbad, Hafshejan as Project Manager
  • 1999- 2001, Designer & Project Manager of  Municipal Wastewater Treatment Projects in “ Tehran Sahab Consulting Engineers Co. ”, Tehran,  in the projects of Dehdasht, Dogonbadan, Abadeh and Konarak


  •         2011, Compilation of chapter 20 of wastewater treatment plant nationl standard Code 129-3      Sludge treatment and disposal,Toosab Consultant engineers
  • 2011, Environemtnal Impact assessment report, Ilam –Piazabad Etylene transmittance pipeline, Paydar Energy consultant engineers
  • 2007-2012, Supervisor of EPC projects, 7th Tehran water treatment plant, WWTP of Ghom city, Karavar Consulting Engineers
  • 2008, Water Quality studies of rivers in mazandaran province, Yekom consultant engineers
  • 2008, Design of water quality monitoring network of Haraz river, University of Tehran
  • 2001-2006, Wastewater treatment plant project manager of cities if Yazd,  Zahedan, Golpayegan, Khoramabad WWTPs


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